Divya Totala Kwath

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Divya Totla Kwath is Useful in Hepatitis & other Liver disorders. Also helps to increase the immunity power.

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Divya Totala Kwath 100 gm

Divya Totla Kwath a herbal product to cure various disorders of the liver. Divya Totla Kwath helps people to have a healthy liver with optimum functioning. Since liver is also one of the most important organs of human body therefore it is quite important that liver must be free from any disorders. There are multiple disorders of the liver such as jaundice, hepatitis, cirrhosis etc. treated by Divya Totla Kwath. Divya Totla Kwath has been prepared with the help of a blend of various herbs and hence it is quite safe to be used for all liver problems.

Divya Totla Kwath is a herbal product for hepatitis disorder.
It helps in the treatment of liver disorders.
Totla Kwath is very beneficial for liver problems.
It is very beneficial for people who suffer from various liver disorders like hepatitis, cirrhosis and jaundice.
It produces quick recovery from hepatic disorder and support liver for normal functioning.
It boosts up the immunity and prevent damage to liver cells. It does not produce any adverse effects.
Benefits Of Divya Totala Kwath: Divya Totla Kvath is useful for hepatitis disorder.
Divya Totla Kvath is a natural combination of herbs for hepatitis.
Divya Totla Kvath boosts up the immunity and prevents further damage to liver.
Divya Totla Kvath It supports liver for normal functioning.
Divya Totla Kvath does not produce any adverse side effects.
Divya Totla Kvath is a liver natural treatment and provides nourishment to the liver cells to produce bile and thus promoting liver functioning.
Divya Totla Kvath is beneficial because it helps liver to breakdown fats effectively into smaller components for easy digestion.
Divya Totala Kwath also supports other digestive organs and improves digestive functioning.
Divya Totala Kwath also helps in reducing the symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, vomiting, weakness that may be associated with hepatitis disorder.
Divya Totala Kwath helps in easy and quick recovery of hepatitis as it helps to regenerate new cells of the liver.

Mode of Administration : Boil one teaspoon (5 gms) with 400 ml. of water till 100 ml. remains, strain it out & take after Breakfast and Dinner.
Divya Totala Kwath: 100 gm / 10 Days.


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